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Knyajevska gora Ltd

Knyazhevska Gora Ltd. offers high quality wood chips / chips from chemically untreated soft deciduous and coniferous wood, designed for:

  • racing and sport horses
  • pets
  • calves, cows, buffaloes
  • poultry farming
  • gardening
  • viticulture
талаш за зайци

Convenience for your pets

талаш за коне

A unique SPA product for your pets. Your horse's stable is potentially the biggest source of dust, and it can seriously damage the respiratory system. This is a pure product that encourages your horse to rest and fall asleep on a natural basis. Sterilized by heat treatment and drying, the chips have a unique antibacterial effect

талаш за градина

Sawdust and shavings as a substrate for plants

The history of “KNYAJEVSKA GORA” Ltd. started in 2004. In September 2009 the company expanded its activities and opened a warehouse for the sale of firewood and coal in Ruse. The subject of activity of the company is: Logging, wood processing and services related to logging. The headquarters of the company are in the village of Smirnenski, Rousse district, Vetovo municipality, 20 Khan Asparuh Street, and the production base is in the village of Smirnenski, Rousse district, Vetovo municipality, 51 Preslav Street. The company starts its activity its like a small family business. Now the company has a production base with high-performance machines for primary wood processing.The processing activity consists in extraction and purchase of round wood – logs and technological wood, from which shaped wood, firewood and sawdust for animals are produced. The commercial activity is carried out from a warehouse for sale of firewood and coal in Charodeyka Sever district, Vasil Levski Blvd. in Ruse. The company has implemented a quality management system CU-COC 862609-006 FSC 100%, which determines the adoption of a process approach to quality management.

Дървени колове

Бичени подострени дървени колове от акация

  • дължина от 1м до 2.5м
  • диаметър от 10см до 35см
  • с кора или без кора

Обли дървени колове от акация

  • дължина от 0.8м до 3м
  • диаметър от 6см до 30см
  • с кора или без кора
  • със подостряне или без

Цепени подострени дървени колове от акация

  • дължина от 0.8м до 2.5м
  • диаметър от 10см до 30см

Квадратни дървени колове от акация

  • дължина от 0.5м до 1.5м
  • размер: 3см x 3см или 2.5см x 2.5см


The products are made of certified wood –
FSC 100% Certificate – CU – COC 862609 – 006

The wood chips / chipboard are available in packages of 20 kg / 500 l – pressed bale with dimensions – 800 mm / 400 mm / 300 mm








Knyajevska Gora Ltd. offers many services such as:


logging related services

firewood - cut, chopped

wooden grills

beams and boards

production of wood chips

Contact us


Preslav Street 51,
Smirnenski, Ruse